Business-Centric Monitoring :
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Business focus

Business applications indicators: Definition with
rules (AND / OR) on your IT infrastructure.

Business applications criticity level:
Shinken Enterprise is able to prioritize alerts
pertaining to the most important services.

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and multi-team management

Multi-datacenter and multi-team
unified view and management.

Easy DMZ and WAN integration.

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Performance and Scalability

Shinken Enterprise doesn’t have the Nagios flaws and runs all the resources of a monitoring server.

Unlimited load distribution by adding monitoring nodes.

High availability (RAID type).

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Virtual server management

Automated VMware configuration synchronization.

Automated VMware topology synchronization.

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Automated and distributed
network configuration

Automated configuration with synchronization from
several sources (e.g.: CMDB, VMware, Active Directory,
IP address table, …).

Graphic interface for configuration view
and exception management.

Automated creation of network (physical
and virtual) topology.

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Seamless migration from Nagios

The Shinken framework project started as a
complete  rewriting of Nagios.

Shinken is therefore fully compatible with Nagios
implementations and is more powerful
and more functional.

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Shinken Enterprise Monitoring :
Unified vision of your whole IT systems


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IT topology management :
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